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Røsnes Fyr | Camping Kalundborg

Røsnæs Fyr

The lighthouse was built in 1844-46, where there had previously been a defense battery. Røsnæs lighthouse has opened for an exhibition, along the stairs up to the top. The exhibition tells, among other things, about the wars that Røsnæs Lighthouse has been a part of. Over the years, many ships have sunk on Røsnæs Rev. Therefore, in 1939 a protruding lighthouse, called Røsnæs Puller, was built at the tip of the reef approx. 2 km from land. As something new this year, it has been decided to be open on all Saturdays and Sundays throughout the season from Easter until the last week of the autumn holidays. In addition, it is open every day in connection with St. Day of Prayer, Kr. Ascension Day and at Pentecost. On all opening days on weekends and other public holidays, it is open from 11.00 – 16.00.

Loch Ness

Loch Ness is a small oasis, established after gravel excavation, which ceased in 1970. approx. 4 km. northeast of Kalundborg. From 0 to 100 years – Everyone is welcome in the area, there is room for a lot of people, and remember! there is no bad weather, – only the wrong attire, so pack the food basket, or coffee basket, there are table and bench sets everywhere in the area, there is room for 45/50 and 25 persons under the roof, in two houses and approx. 240 seats in total, two playgrounds, a slope with trees and rope, where the children can crawl or run up and down, there is a pile of wood (sticks) to play with.

Besøg Loch Ness i Kalundborg | tæt på Røsnes Fyr
Fikseri Kalundborg | tæt på Røsnes Fyr


I have the pleasure to welcome you to one of Denmark’s most distinctive and beautiful parts of the region, the Kalundborg region. The ice age has left its deep traces, leaving an incredibly varied landscape that alternates from high hills, deep valleys, steep cliffs down to the water and flat sandy beaches. The area has a very rich wildlife and is a gem for any nature lover. The Kalundborg area is located next to the Great Belt’s flooded waters and the beautiful Sejerø Bay. From Reersø in the south to the wind source in the north there are approx. 140 km of coast from which to fish. I have fished in these waters for many years and have caught cod, plaice, flounder, flounder, sole, turbot, sea perch, hornfish, and then my great love the Sea Trout, of which I have caught thousands. But not only along the coast there are excellent fishing opportunities, one would rather catch cod,

Kaldred Put & Take

Kaldred Put and Take is located in a scenic area in the middle of Eskebjerg, which offers both trout fishing and sturgeon fishing for all ages. Put and Take Lake is open from sunrise to sunset. (Except except if buying 24 hour cards)

Put and Take Kalundborg | tæt på Røsnes Fyr
Røsnes Fyr

Kalundborg Golf Club

The golf club’s 18-hole golf course is laid out in a hilly and high-lying terrain on the beautiful Ræsnø peninsula. The course has the character of a seaside course, as it is open, with a wide view of land and surrounding waters. The course is usually playable most of the year, due to the high location and the mild winters. Adjacent to the course is the driving range, putting green and par 3 course. The club has about 600 members, which provides ample space for guest players, who are always welcome. The club rooms with associated changing and bathing facilities are furnished in an older 2-lane courtyard. During the summer, the kitchen is open daily from 13 to 15, but food can be ordered in advance, by contacting the housekeeper on tel. 59501385. The club’s pro is met every day excl. Fridays in the summer on tel. 5950 8861.

The Agricultural Museum

The Agricultural Museum is located in the old bull barn at Birkendegaard. In 1994, the decoration of the Agricultural Museum was started by a number of volunteers and enthusiastic people. The museum officially opened in 1997. In 2004 – 2005, a radical new design was made with, among other things. new office and meeting facilities.

There are ‘stalls’ with their own subject, eg living room, kitchen, children’s room, dairy, shoemaker, blacksmith, etc. The Agricultural Museum is located approx. 8 east of Kalundborg.

Røsnes Fyr

Dyrehøj Vingaard

Dyrehøj Vingaard is located on the sunny Røsnæs near Kalundborg and is Denmark’s largest vineyard with 26,400 plants. The first plants were planted in 2008. The calcareous slopes and the cool climate provide a great basis for growing grapes. In the wine cellar, RÖS is created by the winemaker and the entire team behind the vineyard.