Accommodation I Our Cabins

If you do not want to live in a caravan, but you enjoy the nature area around Kalundborg Camping. Is it also possible to spend the night in cabins at Kalundborg Camping. We have five cozy red and rural cabins available, which are located in close proximity to the playgrounds and the kiosk. The expression of our cabins gives the mind peace and relaxation, but it is not far to our facilities or activities in the immediate area.

Overnatning Kalundborg | Kalundborg Camping | Overnatning i Hytter

Accommodation In Kalundborg's Coziest Cabins

Our five, red cabins are all the same. They are approx. 25 sqm, and they are close to our large camping kitchen with beautiful stoves and all the equipment you need. For your next cozy getaway. In the cabins there is sleeping accommodation for six people. The beautiful rural red cabins are perfect for a stay close to everything from Sejerøbugt beach, Røsnes lighthouse, Dyrehøj Vingaard to the fishing opportunities with put and take.

A good vacation

The cabins consist of a small kitchen with refrigerator, and hob that is not inlaid water, a bedroom, a loft and a living room, which serves as a combined dining room. Right next to the cabins there is parking for your car. All cottages have the cozy nature wood color on the walls that gives the rural holiday atmosphere.


The cabins are without toilet and shower, but as they are located right next to the toilet building, there are only 25 meters to good toilet and shower conditions. In addition, the cabins are centrally located for all our fun activities at the campsite.

Overnatning Kalundborg | Kalundborg Camping | Overnatning i Hytter
Overnatning Kalundborg | Kalundborg Camping | Overnatning i Hytter

Mobile Homes Clear Summer 2022 July 1st.

Mobcab 36 M2 Two rooms living room and toilet and shower as well as cozy living room and kitchen in one.