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The lighthouse of Røsnæs were built in 1844-1846, replacing an old military installation. The lighthouse have opened an exhibition, along with the stairs towards the top of the tower. The exhibition educates about the several wars that the tower have been a part of. During its years, many ships have struck ground at Røsnæs reef. Therefore, in 1939, a concrete light-installation were built, called Røsnæs Puller, at the tip of the reef aproximately 2 kilometers from the shore.


Loch Ness is a small oasis, established after a large gravel-digging operation, which ended in 1970. Its located aproximately 4 kilometer north-east of Kalundborg. Everyone is welcome in the area, and there’s loads of room for many visitors – Located around the pond you’ll find benches and tables where you can enjoy your lunch, coffee and good company. The area also offers two playgrounds and forested area.



The surrounding area of Kalundborg have been largely affected by the ice-age, with its incredibly varied landscape which varies from hills, deep valleys, steep cliffsides at the sea and sandy beaches. The area offers a very rich wildlife and is a gem for everyone who enjoys nature in its purest form. Kalundborg is also positioned towards the sea of Storebælt, its strong currents and the beautiful Sejerø-bay. From Reersø in the south towards Vindekilde up north, the 140 kilometers of coast makes fishing an unforgetable experience. We’ve caught Trout, Cod, sea perch Garfish and loads of other fish variants. Should you prefer catching Macrel and other larger fish species, you’ll just need to book in with one of the local fishingboats, where the local fishermen will take you to all the best areas of fishing.


Should you prefer freshwater fishing, in more relaxing environements, Kaldred Put and Take is a great option. Kalundborg offers great fishing experiences for everyone, from beginners to pro’s. Kaldred’s Put and Take is located in the nature-rich environment of Eskebjerg. Here you can catch Trout, Sturgeon and more.
The pond is open for fishing from sunrise to sunset (excluding Trout, which can be caught all hours, upon purchasing a 24-hour card)

Read more about Kaldred Put & Take on their Homepage.


The golf club’s 18-hole course is located in hilly terrain, on the beautiful Ræsnøs island. The course is similar to a seaside course, as its very open and with a wide view over the island and its surrounding waters. The course is usually playable most of the year, due to its higher altitude and mild winters. In addition to the course you will find a Driving Range, Putting Green and a Par-3 course.


The Farmhouse museum is located in the old bull-stables on Birkendegaard farm. In 1994 a thorough rebuild and redecoration of the Farmhouse Museum started, by a group of volunteers. The official opening of the museum began in 1997. In 2004-2005 a thorough redecor was initiated, which included the establishment of new office- and meeting facilities. Inside the old stable, each stall has its own ”theme” – for example livingroom, kitchen and cobblers workshop, which gives an interesting look in to how we used to live. The museum is aproximately 8 kilometers east of Kalundborg.


Dyrehøj Vineyard is located on the sunny island of Røsnæs, close to Kalundborg. Its one of Denmarks largest vineyards with 26.400 plants. The first plants were planted in 2008. The chalk-rich cliff edges and temperate climate makes a fantastic foundation for growing grapes. In the winecellar, the inhouse-brand RÖS creates quality wine and spirits from the grapes.

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